2 06 2011

We are finally in our new home in Tulsa, OK. Many things have been long anticipated. Many discoveries are yet to be found, but getting settled is a big endeavor. One thing we discovered at our new home was a robin building a nest right out our back porch window. She was protective but unafraid of the closeness to our gazing. As I watched the robin outside my window firm up her nest and lay her eggs and then begin working on the process of hatching them, I think of the parallels to us settling here in our new home.
Like the robin we have had to do some “firming up” of the nest. Carol and I have spent the two weeks painting the kitchen cabinets, unloading boxes, and preparing the house for all we look forward to sharing. In two weeks we will have three mission teams in our new home for a much-deserved dinner after a long trip and full week serving a camp for the Tulsa Urban Ministries.

I watch the robin as she watches over her eggs and think of all the people we have in varies levels of training. I think of how proud the robin appears to be of her eggs and then I think about how proud we are of the ones who are walking in faith with CMU. We have a full mission team (45) devoting their time and money so that young children will have an opportunity to experience summer camp in a positive environment. CMU is also blessed to have four people who are in a training process.

Jeff Keely has finished his two year commitment to the CMU training program and is now studying at Harding finishing his degree and gaining valuable Bible knowledge. He will soon be planted as a campus minister.

Kyle Fanning just finished his first semester in the training program and is working on his Masters Degree from Harding online. He is apprenticing with Clint Hill at the CIA campus ministry in the Corpus Christi, TX.

Catherine Kraus is pioneering for CMU as she is paving a path exampling location and career choices based on the connection to campus ministry. When faced with a career decision due to a layoff in Florida, she chose to search where CMU had campus ministries and allow God to find the job. She moved to Corpus Christi, TX to work in vocational ministry.

Lauren Burke is getting her Masters Degree from Harding online while working with Randy Kotchman in the Tampa CIA ministry. We look forward to the work God is planning for Lauren as she paves the way for women in campus ministry.

Like the robin Carol and I feel a responsibility to make sure they get what they need to move out into the world and produce fruit. As we get our ‘nest’ ready we pray for God to guide us in the work He has called us to, and we trust Him to provide what we need to do it.


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